Identify and organize data quickly and easily using Junar's intuitive discovery tool


Transform data into visually-appealing tables, charts, and maps


Optimize the data publishing process with Junar's workflow engine


Engage stakeholders in new ways through social media


Track how data is being viewed and used and measure its impact

The Open Data Platform in action

Check out our featured use cases:

Who is using Junar?

Since the launch of the Junar platform, innovative organizations worldwide have implemented Open Data sites to maximize transparency, drive stakeholder engagement, and enhance efficiency:

“Junar allowed us to easily open the data, generate innovation and citizen participation”

Enable developers to create apps with your data

The Junar API toolbox enables developers to create apps that showcase your data in exciting new ways. Check out these examples of apps developed with Junar client data:

Not sure where to start with Open Data?

We walk you through the steps and best practices for successful Open Data implementation.

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