Academia and Research

"We collect vast amounts of entrepreneurship data and Junar enables us to make our reports and data compelling to existing and new audiences."

Manuel Arrocha - Ciudad del Saber

In order to increase data impact and accessibility, Academia and Research organizations are deploying the powerful Junar Open Data Platform to simplify the data publishing process and easily connect audiences to their vast repositories of deep, valuable academic datasets. The cloud-based Junar Open Data Platform provides you with an easy to use data management system to simplify the workflow of collecting relevant data, converting it into usable and easily understood visualizations and tables, and measuring the results.

The Junar Open Data Platform delivers new opportunities for collaboration across groups, organizations, and perspective industries, and enables research groups to make their data more publicly available online. As a result, the data gains potential to be utilized in countless new ways to promote innovation and maximize efficiency.

With the Junar Platform, Academia and Research can:

  • Easy access to the data in papers and reports
  • Add metadata to datasets so they can be easily searched
  • Expand knowledge sharing
  • Track data usage
  • Use the Junar API to allow developers to access data from their applications programmatically
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