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"Opening our data with Junar is easy and fast and has the potential of taking collaboration with stakeholders to a new level, and opens up a new opportunity of innovation."

Momi Peralta Ramos - La Nación

We understand Big Data. As the leading Open Data platform provider, Junar knows that data rarely comes in meaningful or easily accessible formats.

The Junar Open Data Platform not only acts as a bridge to make this rich data available and usable, but also to build context and a framework for enterprises to easily choose what data to collect, how to present it, and when it should be shared. From extracting datasets and transforming data views to managing data publishing and updating data in real-time, Junar ensures that your data assets are always fresh, relevant and socially engaging.

With the Junar Open Data Platform, businesses can:

  • Drive third party opportunities and partnerships
  • Transform data into interactive resources for internal or public use
  • Use the Junar API to allow developers to access data from their applications programmatically
  • Empower users to enhance and distribute data virally online
  • Drive additional traffic to sites and applications via search engine optimization
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