Powering the Data Economy

Are You Ready?

The information services revolution is here. It's about opening and sharing data to drive innovation, collaboration and to meet legislative goals.

The Data Economy is built on the fact that business relationships are changing. No matter your organization’s shape or size, purpose or geography you are changing the way that you operate to better serve your customers and stakeholders. You are engaged in dialogues and the best organizations are building trusting relationships through rethinking what it means to be transparent. As we move from a transactional society to a service orientation, there is a new set of rules for doing business.

Real-Time Data Access

Information plays a central role in any relationship. And over the last 20 years we have experienced social and business data movements that transcended political boundaries — such as the emergence of the Internet, worldwide access to mobile devices, and micro-loans. These movements transformed the lives of billions of people around the world for the better and they all had a common theme — give people real-time access to information.

Open Data Movement

As people have realized immediate access to information, your organization has also been generating more data than ever before. Software is everywhere and you measure everything. You also have instant access to information and tools to crunch through all of that big data. Additionally, you have the ability to securely share specific datasets with others to drive innovation and collaboration. This making public of previously private data is what is driving the Data Economy and is known as the Open Data movement. Open Data is fast becoming the next defining theme for business and government.

Rules for Success

The Data Economy is built on ever changing relationships with your customers. And the stronger you can build these relationships, the more opportunity you will create for innovation and collaboration. The Data Economy creates a new set of challenges across every industry, business, and organization. There’s a new set of rules for success which requires a new level of transparency and Open Data.

Not sure where to start with Open Data?

We walk you through the steps and best practices for successful Open Data implementation.

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