Government · Moving Forward with Open Data

"The data publishing workflow together with the easy integration made it very easy for our institution to quickly start curating and opening data."

Santiago Nuñez Corrales - MICIT

Driven by Open Government and Open Data initiatives, such as, and compliance mandates, government institutions are utilizing the Junar Open Data Platform to simplify the data publishing process and transform data into interactively accessible resources that citizens can freely transform, share and socially enrich.

The Junar Platform is the easiest-to-use, cloud-based data management system for governments to drive more innovation, community engagement and government efficiency. With the Junar Open Data Platform, government agencies can:

  • Meet Open Data legislative requirements
  • Easy deploy and maintain Open Data without IT investments
  • Promote accountability and proactive transparency
  • Make data more accessible and empower citizens to unlock online resources
  • Use the Junar API to allow developers to access data from their applications programmatically
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