The Easiest-to-Use Open Data Platform

Access to data leads to breakthrough innovation and Junar powers the emerging Data Economy by delivering the leading cloud-based Open Data platform. The platform enables businesses, governments, and other organizations to free their data to drive new opportunities, collaboration, and transparency.

Junar provides everything you need to open data with confidence. It’s built for massive scale and supports local and global data-driven organizations. With Junar, you can easily choose what data to collect, how you want to present it, and when it should be made publicly available. You can also determine which datasets are made available to the public and which datasets are available only for your internal use. Think of it as a next generation data management system for sharing information.

Whether you want to integrate your data into your Web site or have us host it for you, Junar provides a simple workflow that allows you to collaborate with your colleagues and manage your entire Open Data project. The platform also allows you to drive social conversations with your end users, understand what data they want and find valuable. And because you can add meta data to the information you publish, you will likely see improved use of your data due to search engine optimization.

The Junar Open Data Platform is the one service that you need to:

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