NGOs and Multilaterals

"Thanks to Junar, the Infodatos project has been a great contribution to help more informed citizens to demand more transparency to its authorities"

Verónica Cid, Chile Transparente

Open Data transparency is important to NGOs and Multilaterals for many reasons, from improving governance and accountability and increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of projects and programs to adhering to mandates and public disclosure requirements.

The Junar Open Data Platform is the simplest data management system for users to easily curate and publish data. The Platform helps NGOs and Multilaterals increase openness and accountability globally by enabling them to easily share knowledge and impact data. This valuable data can serve different constituents of society and allows for collaboration and inspires more innovation.

With the Junar Platform, NGOs and Multilaterals can:

  • Proactively adhere to transparency mandates
  • Easy deploy and maintain Open Data without IT investments
  • Share valuable data that can help humanity and society
  • Visualize impact reports and increase fundraising revenue
  • Collaborate and inspire more innovation
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