Bahía Blanca: Solves daily life residents problems


Since the launch of the open data portal in 2013, Bahía Blanca has become one of the most innovative cities in the area. This was reflected in the development of citizen applications, integration with the university, the private sector and other local actors.

The portal publishes data on municipal, environmental, economic, infrastructure, local health, security, transport, and other expenses. Thus, the initiative is not limited to transparent municipal management, but actively promotes local participation and innovation with remarkable results.

Open data as axis of participation policies and local innovation.

Reuse of data opened by the community

In the context of Open Government policies, the municipality promotes citizen participation on open data, encouraging its reuse for the creation of value based on data. Mr. Ignacio Peluffo worked on the data of the 911 Emergency Center with the objective of systematizing the information and exposing it for analysis, facilitating decision making. The development is part of his final thesis for the Diploma in Big Data, dictated by the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires (ITBA).

Upcoming challenges

The city continues to work with companies and citizens to develop citizen applications. Soon sensors will be included on the parking spaces that will allow citizens to know the availability of parking spaces in a precise and real time manner.

The challenge is to strengthen the open data ecosystem to improve local public services.