Open data that is easy to re-use and interpret by many different audiences.

Junar data platform lets you transform your hard-to-find and useless data assets into dynamic tables, visualizations, maps, dashboards and APIs – so citizens, developers and companies can re-use them for their interests in a simple way.

Check out how governments use the Junar data platform

National Energy Commission case study

The National Energy Commission (CNE) from Chile uses Junar to reduce the consumer electricity bill.

By opening electric sector statistics and operation data, CNE reduces the information asymmetries in the Chilean electricity sector and promotes competition.

ARSAT case study

ARSAT from Argentina uses Junar to improve customer satisfaction.

By opening service coverage and operation data, ARSAT helps customers choose services that best fit their needs.

Bahía Blanca case study

The city of Bahía Blanca from Argentina uses Junar to solve residents' daily life problems.

By opening real time mobility and transport data, civic tech entrepreneurs from Bahía Blanca built a set of mobile apps helping residents to find a parking slot and take the bus on time.

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